Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grandma's Whole Wheat Bread

This wheat bread recipe is one that my Grandma Ulmer has used through the ages.  It's her favorite and comes from a super old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  I'm going to make it for the first time today and will probably test the ratio of white to wheat flour over subsequent bread makings. 

Grandma's Whole Wheat Bread

Makes 2 - 9 1/2 x 5" loaves or 3 8x4" loaves

1 package active dry yeast
2 cups warm water (110 degrees)
2 TB granulated sugar
2 tsp salt
4 cups sifted enriched white flour
1/2 cup hot water
1/2 cup brown sugar
3 TB shortening
4 cups whole wheat flour

Soften (proof) yeast in the 2 cups of warm water, about 10 minutes.  Add 2 TB granulated sugar, salt and 4 cups of white flour to the yeast/water.  Beat until mixture is smooth.  Let the dough sit in a warm place (82 degrees) until it is light and bubbly, about 1 hour.

Meanwhile, combine the 1/2 cup hot water with the brown sugar and shortening.  Stir and cool to lukewarm.  Add to the yeast-flour mixture after it's light and bubbly.  Now add 4 cups of wheat flour and mix until smooth.  Knead until smooth by hand or in your stand mixture.

Place the dough in a greased bowl and turn over to grease surface.  Cover and let rise in warm place till double. Knead down the dough.  Cut dough into equal sizes, depending on the loaf pans you're using (2-9x5 or 3 8x4).  Shape each portion into a ball and cover and let rest about 10 minutes.  Roll to rectangle.  Break bubbles in the surface.  Roll dough towards you. Seal after each roll with the heel of hand.  Seal the end of the rolls by folding under the dough.  Place dough in lightly greased pan.  Cover and let double in size.

Bake bread in a 375 degree oven for 50 minutes.

Recipe Source: Lillian Ulmer/Better Homes and Gardens


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