Friday, March 19, 2010

A return to knitting - Knitted Washcloth

A very, very long time ago, my Grandma Yates taught my sisters and I how to knit.  We would spend at least a month out of every summer staying with my grandparents in Alaska, and during those summer visits we learned to knit.  Sadly, I gave it up after those summer visits ended and never really had a desire to learn again. 

Until NOW! 

My friend Cheryl sent me some knitted washcloths for my birthday this year and I fell in love with them. They are truly the best washcloths I've ever used.  She sent me four and I wanted more!  So when we went to Vegas together last month she gave me some yarn, needles and some patiently taught lessons to help me make my own.  And I finally finished one! 

Yes, it's been over a month since I went to Vegas.  I'm slow, but I kept the ongoing project in my purse at all times and only worked on it when I was out somewhere waiting on something, or in the car with DJ.  Now that I've finished one I'm excited to start the next one and give it a little more of my undivided attention.

Take a look at this fabulously awkward first washcloth! 

It has holes in places that shouldn't and it's sadly misshapen, but it's functional and now has sentimental value to it.  I love it.

Thank you Cheryl for reteaching me how to knit.  And thank you to my wonderful Grandma who taught me the first time around.  I love that I have another craft skill to add to my bag of tricks.  Long live crafting and the women who make crafting what it is today! ;o)

***OH, and if anyone out there wants this super easy and cute washcloth pattern, just leave a comment and I'll post it (courtesy of Cheryl of course)***


Cheryl said...

It turned out awesome! Great job :)

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