Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vanilla Cupcakes - Brown Eyed Baker

First UP, Vanilla Cupcakes from Brown Eyed Baker.  The only reason this one was first was because I had all the ingredients on hand for it and didn't have to go to the store to start my quest.

Her recipe said to only fill 12 cupcakes with the batter.  I followed it as outlined and once the cupcakes were done baking they were a little too big and had a small "muffin top" rim from being overly full.  Perhaps my cupcake pan is slightly smaller than hers.  Next time I would make it into 14 cupcakes.

The flavor and texture of the cupcakes were good.  I baked them for 19 minutes and I still think they were overdone.  Next time I'd only go with 18 minutes.  I think this affected the moisture of the cupcake, causing them to be a tad bit dry.  I also used reduced fat sour cream, which may affect the taste a little.  I think these are worth a second go, using full fat sour cream and spreading into 14 cups and reducing the baking time to 17-18 minutes.  Good potential!  

I decided to pair these with Brown Eyed Baker's Cream Cheese Frosting as well.  For the frosting, I had to add an extra cup of powdered sugar to get it to a consistancy that wasn't so soft.  Before adding the extra cup of sugar it was almost "melty" it was so soft.  I need the frosting that I choose to have enough stiffness to it to pipe and stay put.  The flavor was very yummy, as a cream cheese frosting should be, but I don't think this will be the frosting recipe I use.


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