Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jean Skirt for Addison

I have a goal to re-purpose all of the clothes that no longer fit me into something else.  I've got a tote full of shirts, skirts, sweaters and other odds and ends that I have grand ideas for.  Thanks to the countless blogs out there that have tutorials for this very purpose, I've already made several "new" things.  I plan to post about each of them in time.

One of the items I really wanted to repurpose was a jean skirt of mine that had a busted zipper.  Fixing the zipper would have been next to impossible (for me), so I decided to make it into a skirt for Addison.  Without any pattern or tutorial to go from, I was flying solo for the first time.  It was a bit nerve-racking, and I had a couple of bumps along the way, but I am so excited about how the final product turned out.

I left the skirt out on the couch last night, right where I knew Addison would see it in the morning and sure enough, she came bounding upstairs this morning, already wearing it over her PJ's and told me that she loved it.  What better reward can a Mom ask for?

 The jean material is really soft and has some stretch to it.  I did a simple elastic waist and made the length of the skirt to hit just above her ankles.
I made a flower pattern out of paper and then pinned and cut 3 flowers and three circles out of some left over jean material.  I zigzag stitched the flower on with the wrong side out and the circle with the right side out to give it some contrast and then hand sewed a pink ball bead to the center. Super cute in my opinion!


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so the flower embellishment

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