Monday, January 25, 2010

Laptop Sleeves

A couple of weeks ago my sister Kahly asked me if I would do her a favor and help her make some laptop sleeves for her and her boyfriend Jason.  I'm always up for something new in the sewing world, so I did some research on tutorials out there and found this one on Sew Mama Sew.  It looked a bit tricky since I don't have a walking foot (and the fabric would get really thick towards the end of the project), but I figured we'd give it a try anyway.
They both turned out awesome!  It was so fun to go shopping at the fabric store with Kahly and find the perfect "look" for their bags.  We spent all Saturday night cutting, pinning and sewing and finished Jason's bag at about 12:15 am.  Once you get going you just can't stop!  And then Kahly came back over tonight to finish up hers, which only took a couple of hours since all the prep work had been done Saturday.  It was a strange feeling to be teaching her how to sew, when I myself have only been doing it for 3 months. Student turned teacher prematurely! 

I love trying something new and having such great success at it.  And I get to add laptop sleeves to my sewing repertoire now!  Actually, the concept could be extended to any type of electronic device, big or small, that you wanted to protect.  It's a great multipurpose kind of pattern.

She'll be showing it off at work tomorrow and we'll see what kind of response it gets.  My guess is that they'll be asking her to make them one too. :)

Kahly's Fabric (it has a cream and olive green undertone that you can't see in the pictueres)

Jason's Fabric (Seahawks colors)


They turned out so great!  And I love the fabric that we chose for Kahly.  I want an arm chair or pillow made out of it now. :)


D said...

Sweet! I want to make one of those but I am nervous since my sewing machine definitely has a harder time with thicker fabrics.

Gina said...

Great work! Now I want one!

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