Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Bowl Chocolate Cake - Martha Stewart

When I decided to try this recipe by Martha Stewart I realized that it was VERY similar to Mel's Kitchen Cafe Chocolate cake.  So after looking over Mel's recipe again, I realize her version was adapted from a Martha Steward recipe.  Ah ha! 
This one bowl chocolate cake recipe had some slight differences, one of which was the type of cocoa powder.  This one called for Dutch cocoa, which creates a dark chocolate cake.  It also has less oil.  I guess that good if you're on a diet (which I am), but the final result wasn't good enough to make my top list.  I ain't looking for healthy cakes here... :)

The cake was pretty intense with dark chocolate flavor, almost too bitter.  It wasn't moist enough for me.  I baked it for 25 minutes, versus the 35 the recipe called for.  And it was definitely done at 25 minutes.  It did bake up nice and tall, so I did like that.  I noticed that one side of one of the cakes was lower than the other.  I think I need to start rotating my cakes halfway through baking times.  This crappy oven isn't doing me any favors.

If I can't find any decent dark chocolate cake recipes in the coming months I may try this one again but modify it.  I think I'd add more oil, possibly another egg yoke and maybe a touch more sugar.


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