Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Room Curtains

I've been done with these curtains for a few weeks now but just haven't gotten around to posting them.  I was trying to see if my lighting would improve to take a better picture, but it never did.  During the winter the sun is so low in the sky that it doesn't shine directly into this particular window very well.  We get plenty of daylight of course, but not the direct light.

So the pictures are a bit dark and make the flash on my camera go off and, in turn, make the curtains look bright orange.  The true color of this fabric is a bronze/gold with deep red undertones.  They match the red couches so well and I absolutely love the feel they bring to the room.  They make it feel more cozy and warm and inviting, while adding a touch of class. Plus the hide the hideous cords from the blinds, wahoo!  Now if I can just finish making the pillows for the couch, redecorate over the fireplace and figure out how to do the lighting in the room, I'd have a room completely finished... I guess that's what "tomorrow" is for. :)

A big thank you to Ashley at Make It and Love It for the tutorial on these curtains.  I obviously doubled it to make two panels, but everything else I followed exactly.  The sewing part was very simple.  The hardest part about curtain making is the sheer size of the project.  Laying out, cutting, pinning and ironing 8 foot panels is no small task.  But now that I've done it once it will be easier the next go around and I'm exciting for the day when I get to start working on my living and dining room curtains.

This last picture was my attempt to not use a flash. It turned out terrible but at least the color is slightly closer to the real deal.  I'll just have to retake some in the summer. 


Ashley said...

They turned out beautiful. I love the color in that room. And oooh, that couch! That sassy red couch. I love her! Anyway, thanks for the link.


Disney said...

Ooh, those are delicious!
And oh. my. goodness. You're right, I totally forgot to add that step in the tutorial! What a dork! Anyway, yeah, you would need to sew the sides together.
P.S. Yay for you being from WA, too!

Anonymous said...

I am getting a glimpse of your fireplace's mantle in these pics. I think you should paint it cream, and maybe even glaze it like you did the table. The plain oak does nothing for it. Nice curtains, btw!

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