Monday, February 1, 2010

Hemming Jeans

I've had terrible luck finding jeans that fit Addison "just right".  They are either too tight in the waist or too long or both.  It's been this way since she was a baby.  Hopefully that trend doesn't stick with her throughout her life or she's gonna be one grumpy girl to shop with later on. :)

Since I've been exploring my new found sewing talent I figured I would buy a pair of jeans that fit her well in the waist and then hem the bottom of the jeans.  I bought a fairly inexpensive pair just in case I totally bombed the hemming.  I used this wonderful tutorial from Barefoot in the Kitchen and it really was a piece of cake.  Jeans, in my opinion, are a bit harder to hem then a simple cotton pant, what with the thick fabric and heavier seams.  This tutorial really took the guess work out of it and made it possible for my simple sewing machine to sew through the heavy fabric while maintaining the original hem. Very cool!

Can you see the new hem?

You can see it when you look close, but who looks closely at the hem of jeans?
I love adding a new skill to my sewing bag!

OH, and I've finished my first set of curtains.  I'm trying to get a sunny day to take decent pictures, so hopefully it won't be too long before I'm able to post (no promises here in the Northwest though).


stephanie said...

the pants look great! i'm so glad the tutorial worked for you.

D said...

Those look awesome! Good job!

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