Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Knit Fabrics and a Play Dress

My very large order of knit fabrics from Chez Ami arrived a few days ago.  I was drooling over every one of them and had to take a picture for posterity.  Aren't they so shiny and pretty!? :)

After washing them all up I got right to work making Addison a upcycled play dress using a stained white shirt and this tutorial from Ruffles And Stuff.  This is another favorite craft/sewing blog that I frequent and my list of to do projects from her site is growing out of control.  My version of the dress definitely didn't take 15 minutes, but it wasn't too bad and I was able to finish it in a couple hours.  I learned from this project that I've got a long way to go before I'm comfortable with making a ruffle and before I'm used to sewing with knit/stretchy fabrics.  It's just a matter of lots of practice, like everything else!

This dress is definitely just for playing around the house.  It's got an uneven and unhemmed bottom edge and the seam where I added the knit fabric doesn't lay down very well.  Plus the white shirt I cropped off to make this dress was a bit stretched out around the mid section, so it makes the dress a lot more "full" than I'd normally like.  But hey, she loved it and won't take it off at the moment, so that's what counts!

Onto the next project with my fab-tab-ulous new fabrics!  Wahoo!


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