Friday, February 5, 2010

PJ Lounge Pants - Super Funky Vintage

I actually made something for myself!  Wahoo!

Back before Christmas, when I was shopping for vintage sheets for my Mom and sisters, I found a sheet that was screaming "make me into something cute!".  So I bought it and selfishly saved it for myself.  I couldn't help it, I just liked it too much.  And today I finally got around to turning this funky vintage sheet into super comfortable, ultra soft and lightweight PJ pants.  They follow the same style I wrote about last month HERE.

I just wish my pathetic lighting and average camera did them better justice.  The colors are just not even close in these pictures.  Oh well!


And since I haven't had time to write about the boys PJ pants I made from a sheet, I'm just going to add them here and not worry about it anymore.  I made Ethan, Austin, Kaden and Asher all PJ Pants out of one sheet. And I still have fabric left.  In fact, just a couple days ago I used some of it to make a cold therapy bag for my brother-in-law that had surgery on his knee.  And I STILL have fabric left.  Not bad for $4.00, makes me feel thrifty.  (Now if I could only extend that into all areas of my life!)

Now go buy some sheets at your local thrift store and give it a try!


Michelle said...

I am so impressed with all your fun craftiness. I've been on a project kick myself but have had to put it on hold. As soon as I finish my quote book for Young Women's I'm going to try these pants. Cheryl and I went to Savers and DI yesterday so we are going to take these on. So fun! Thanks for finding all these fun ideas we can copy. We didn't find near as cute sheets as you did but they will work. We'll have to send pics.

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